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In Memory of Sebastian Horsley

As noted at Dandyism, Sebastian Horsely has passed away.  Though many question whether Horsely was truly a dandy, he was picked as the 2008 Dandy of the Year.  The reasons for his not being one have been noted at Dandyism here, and here.  But even Dandyism had a sort of perverse love and hate for the man.  He called Oscar Wilde a fake; he loathed Beau Brummel (not the band, the man).  He was too vulgar and relished in his own vulgarity (he admitted as much). He was not elegant–which is one element of being a dandy.  So, the debate will go on.  Some believe him to be a dandy of a sort, and others reject the notion.

Unafraid of death, one of his famous quotes was: death is not the end of the world.  He courted death.  Note the skulls at his blog.  He lived a libertine life.  He also famously had himself crucified, of which there is a video on youtube.

His death made me think of a video I have posted at least once on this site.  He was featured, along with Wild and others in this video on the Dandy:

DANDY from I Dandy on Vimeo.

Horsely died this week by his own hand–an overdose of heroin.  He was 47.

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