February 9th, 2010

A bit about the name of the website: Λογος και ΑποκαλυΨις (or as I have listed Logos kai Apokalupsis) means essentially “Reason and Revelation.” The next Greek phrase, καλος και αγαθος, set in the next line means something along the lines of “the noble and the good.”

This site encourages anyone to post comments and engage each other in the comments section–especially if you disagree with me, or have a different take on the posts.

* * *

I teach American government and political philosophy at West Liberty University.

My areas of interest in terms of American government are:  Virginia, Slavery, the American Founding, Thomas Jefferson and the Founders, the “positive good” thesis.  My more traditional, and frequent, course offerings include Congress, presidency, parties and elections, state & local government, American government, and introduction to political science.

In terms of political philosophy, I am interested in American political thought, ancient political philosophy, Islamic political thought, and modern political thought.

Recently, I offered courses on the American presidency, American political thought,  Ancient political thought, and modern political thought.

Currently I am working on future course offerings:  Congress, Medieval political thought, Islamic political thought.  More distant interests are a course in Christian political thought but some of this topic may be included in the medieval course.  I may have a special topics courses in the future.  Classes may include:  Ancient Greek Politics, Roman Politics, Abraham Lincoln, Statesmanship, and the like.  It is possible I could offer a course on the Virginia slave debates of the 1830s.

I also have an interest in Attic Greek, both in translation and teaching.

This web site is geared toward interests in my classes and the local community.  For more about me and what I am doing and my scholarly work, see my faculty page here.

I am the Chair of Economic Philosophy and manage the BB&T grant part of which is responsible for the Ethics & Capitalism class I co-teach every Spring.

Finally, I am a Senior Fellow at the Government Policy Research Center.

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